Monday, March 30, 2009

How do I do it with a baby?

I'm trying to figure out school for fall semester... and all of this figuring out is just making me annoyed that I'm still in school in the first place. Most likely Ryan will be deployed this fall. So it's just me and the kiddo for fall semester. I'm hoping to take mostly online classes, but there are only certain ones available. Plus, I don't even know if I will get into the ones available. So it begs the question... what do I do with Jax if I take classes on campus? I know my college offers a preschool, but I don't know if they have childcare for babies... Jax will only be 3 months old. I'm just confused and I don't quite know what to do and I don't wanna be in college anymore. 5 years is way too long and only the Lord knows when I will be done...



  1. the answer....move to SLO and let us babysit!!!

  2. I know how you feel, I feel the same way with wanting to teach. I am going to give you the same advice you gave me a couple of weeks ago. You have your whole life to go to school, Jax will only be a baby once! You can do it girl! Family comes first, but I really think you are capable of doing school and being a mother, think of how many people do it. You are more then capable. I felt the same way with wanting a teaching job, but I made my mind up that I will not get back these years I have with Benjamin so I am looking for a preschool job with Clovis (it is 19.5 hours/week), it's all about compromise.