Monday, October 22, 2012


Our zoo has an annual Halloween event called ZooBoo. All the kids wear their Halloween costumes, there are lights set up all over the zoo, with carnival games, and local businesses handing out candy. We went with our best friends, Max, Ben, and Sully (plus their parents). It was a lot of fun! The boys are old enough this year to really be into the whole trick-or-treating/costume thing. 

Jax was ScoobyDoo (minus the head) and Max was Optimus Prime

Jax thought Max's headgear was better than his own

Sully was the cutest little cowboy sheriff EVER!

This cute girl loved looking around at everything. (Even though she looks cross-eyed here...)
She was SO well behaved the entire time! 

 We had a little accident :( 
Jax's forehead broke his fall

But the games made everything feel better

I pray constantly that these kiddos remain friends as they grow up! 
They are just the sweetest little group

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