Thursday, May 3, 2012

31 weeks!

The single digit countdown has officially begun! Just 9 short weeks left, hopefully a little less, until I get to hold my sweet Lexi girl in my arms! I have spent this past week doing a lot of reading from my natural birth books. I want to make sure that I am as prepared as possible for any number of situations that may occur, and that I know how to handle things (without medical intervention) when they get tough. Ryan has also been reading a birth coaching book so that he is prepared to do all that he can to help me through it. I continue to pray every day for a safe, healthy, natural VBAC. It's practically all I think (and talk) about these days.

Lexi is still a pretty lazy baby. There are days when I feel her moving more, then there are days when it seems like I haven't felt her all day. I hope our next baby moves a ton, because both Jax and Lexi have been lazy and I hate stressing about it all the time! She is getting bigger though, so I feel a lot more rolling and movement beyond just kicks and punches. She's about 16 inches and almost 3.5 pounds this week. Keep putting on that weight, baby girl!

Here I am this week

And here is a comparison with Jax... same shirt and all. Ha!
You can tell that I've gained less weight this time around! My belly and face look so much fuller with Jax. 

Here's the boy this week. With his pirate eye patch around his neck :)

And for fun... watch my belly grow!

Thanks to my friend, Kendra, for pointing me towards a new photo editing/collage website, iPiccy!


  1. You look so cute! It's getting so close!

  2. WOW even your face looks different! It's crazy how different yet how similar the two babies are. You look stunning, by the way and I love the shirt you are wearing in the 31 week photos