Thursday, December 16, 2010


Jax is 18-months-old and I am loving this age. Yes, he has a major attitude at times and he is needing to be disciplined more and more. BUT... he also does the cutest/funniest things and he is constantly making me laugh. He is such a goofy boy.

He makes funny faces and runs in circles around the couch. He will grab my hand, take me to the edge of the couch, pull me down on the floor then run away screaming and laughing. He loves being chased! He also loves climbing and he is so daring, it's scary! He has no problem getting up and down the kitchen chairs and the office (rolling :-/ ) chair. He tries to climb the bar stools, the frame of the bed and the fireplace. He is such a daredevil... so much like his daddy!

He loves to say "no", even if he doesn't really mean it. He says a new word almost everyday and I'm amazed when he says something clearly that I didn't even know he could say in the first place. Like "apple"... clear as day... and I didn't even know he could say that! He loves to babble and talk to himself. He will be in the living room by himself, playing with his toys and he will just be talking away. Who knows what he is saying?!

As hard as "terrible two's" can be, this is such a fun age and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

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