Thursday, September 2, 2010

15 months old!

What do 15-month-olds do??

They hit their heads on the coffee table while wrestling with mommy

They slice their fingers on kitchen gadgets and have to wear their first band-aid

They "knock-knock" on doors and windows

They wear cute big-boy outfits and make funny faces

They sleep with their daddy doll

They wear big bowls on their head

They lay on the floor and roll around

they go on licking escapades (tile floor, wall, carpet...)

they discover new words (up, no-no, {I can't think of his other ones right now :-/} )

they practice their animal sounds (dog, cat, elephant, monkey and lion)

they point to their ears and mouth

they weigh approximately 21 pounds

they wear size 3 diapers, 12 month pants, 12 or 18 month shirts and size 4 shoes

they still hate napping in their crib but they nap great in the car seat, stroller, or mommy's arms

they love to drink mommy's coffee (oopsie :) )

they hate being confined to a high chair or stroller or shopping cart or.....

they L.O.V.E. playing outside

they love mommy

they miss daddy

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  1. I love seeing Jax and his new accomplishments. What fun! Love to you both. Granny C