Friday, May 28, 2010

This and that

Yay for a new blog design!

Jax is going to be ONE in 6 days. Holy crap.

Ryan has a 4-day weekend, then works 4 days, then is off for 2.5 weeks!

Parents come out in 2 weeks!

Jillian Michaels is kicking my butt and I'm hoping to lose these last 5 pounds.

We've been BBQ'ing tons and it has been UH-mazing!

So there you have it ;)


  1. What is Jax's BDay party theme going to be???

  2. It's all blue and yellow! I based it off his Easter outfit because I loved the color combo. I've been working on signs and decorations. I'm not crafty AT ALL, but I think it's gonna be pretty cute! I wish ya'll could be here :(

  3. How fun! I am sure it will be GREAT! I know, it would be so fun for all the June boys to be together for their birthdays!!!

  4. So first of all, I love how you lead me to new blog designs! Awesome. Second, do you ever wonder just where the time went??

    Jax is a beautiful little boy. His smile seriously begets smiles in return. With like, interest, even. I'm so excited that he's gonna be one! It's like, a measure of success.

    And I've never asked why Ryan/your family isn't/aren't planning on extending your commitment. Obviously, I have totally selfish motives for wanting you to remain a fellow army wife, plus, if Bragg is your only port of call for psy-ops, then that's one of the like, eight posts we could get next in the states (and through process of elimination, we're so not gonna get Carson[CO] or Hunter[GA], and mostly likely not Lewis[WA], so that leaves us with NY, KY, KS, TX, and Bragg, and a 20% chance of ending up near you guys is pretty good, but obviously not a reason for you guys to stick around...), but is it too much to inquire about your future plans?

    And also, when did ya'll decide to start on Thing2? Was it sometime around Christmas? I can't remember. I'm so scared for you (two! at once!!) and excited and in awe of your courage... It's gonna rock.

  5. Holly- um hell yes I wonder where the time went! Lol. The last year, but also the last SIX years since we graduated. Nutso!

    Soooo... Ryan isn't planning on reenlisting because at this point he doesn't really enjoy his job. It's better than the 82nd, but he still doesn't feel fulfilled. He really wants to feel like he's making a difference and doing things that he really likes to do. He likes Psyop but he can't see himself doing it for career. But seriously, if you guys come here and we leave I'm gonna be SOOOO bummed!! I miss people from home and I miss normal people and I just miss it all. It would be so amazing to have you guys here. So that would stink for us to leave. And for your sake I hope that you don't end up here and then we turn around and leave. That would stink too.

    Baby #2 was decided on around Christmas. Jax was 6 months. We kinda started trying but then I freaked out and decided to wait. But then the next month we actually started trying. Ha! So we didn't really wait. Then Ryan was in Haiti for 2 months which threw a wrench in it. And now he leaves soon. So we haven't had a ton of time to really be trying. It'll be about 6 months total with some breaks in between. So we'll see. I REALLY hope it happens because I don't wanna wait another 6-9 months :(