Monday, March 22, 2010


I'm sooo sorry that I've been slacking on posting something new... so here it is. A brief list of new/fun/exciting stuff.
  • Ryan is HOME!! He got home earlyyyyy Friday morning (and I was up all the night before. ugh.)
  • Jax is crawling!
  • We see the nutritionist again on Thursday... and Jax still isn't eating nearly enough.
  • Ryan is taking leave next week and we are driving up to NYC.
  • We're leaving Mojo with friends and that's gonna be hard for me. Ha!
  • Easter is in 2 weeks and Jax has a very cute outfit.
  • We are planning a trip home to CA sometime this summer.
  • Jax will be 10 months old in 10 days. Crazy!
  • I'm already planning birthday stuff. It's gonna be great!
  • We're planning for baby #2, so we could use some prayers for that!!
  • Spring is here. Yipee!
So there you have it. The latest and greatest from the Hansen house. Love and kisses!

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  1. I totally know this is hormones, but I just finished reading this and promptly burst into tears! I am so happy to see a friend so fantastically blessed!

    We are planning a trip to Cali around Labor Day... any chance we might be meeting up?