Thursday, March 11, 2010


Well, Jax has come down with something. I'm not sure what exactly is going on. As ya'll know, he hasn't been eating well... he also has had a runny nose for about 3 weeks. Then he got a yucky cough 2 days ago, which is what finally sent us to the doctor. We attended a birthday party 2 weeks ago and I found out after that one of the kids had RSV. So I wanted to take him to the doctor and see if that's what was going on. Apparently he just has a common cold. I'm still not totally sure I believe that, but for now, we wait. The doctor actually listened to me and didn't just blow us off, so I feel okay with waiting to see if he gets better. If he's the same in 10 days, I'm making another appointment. In the mean time, I bought a humidifier to put in his room to help his nose and I've been using saline drops and an aspirator to help keep it clear.

Last night was rough. He woke up about an hour after going to bed and whined for 30 minutes before finally going back to sleep. Then he woke up at 1, I fed him, put him back down, and he screamed. Sooo, I brought him to bed with me. He wasn't much happier with that option but he finally fell asleep. Only to wake up at 4. I fed him, tried to get him back to sleep and he wasn't having it. He didn't want to lay down, he didn't want to be held, he just wanted to cry. I took his temperature (100.4) and gave him some tylenol. We went out to the living room, sat in the recliner and he eventually fell asleep on my chest. He only slept for about 2 more hours. Once he woke up, he still just wanted to cry. Nothing was making him happy, which made me think that this sickness is more than just a common cold. I decided to call the advice nurse, which of course left me with no further information. Every time I call, they give me some quicky answer that isn't really an answer. Today's was "well, it sounds like he might be colicky so you just have to hold him. If he's sick, that's why he's crying". I mean, COME ON. What kind of answer is that? He's not flippin' colicky. He's 9 months old. And of course he's crying because he's sick, but I wanted to know if it seemed like it could be something more serious and if he needed to see the doctor again.

I've decided to just wait and see how today goes. He fell asleep again and has been sleeping for almost 1.5 hours. Which is not normal for him. Hopefully this sleep will help him heal. In the mean time, please pray that his little body is completely healed. I want this happy baby back!

PS- Ryan and his team are on the official list to get a flight home, so he should be back by the end of next week... maybe sooner!!!

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