Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ryan, teeth & the Superbowl

I got to talk to Ryan on Sunday! And for 30 minutes!! Of course the first thing I had to tell him was that Jax's tooth came through. The funny thing is that he totally guessed it. I acted like I was talking to Jax and I told him to say "Daddy, guess what?" and Ryan said "he got his tooth?!"... I couldn't believe he guessed it. But he said that he figured since we had been waiting to stinkin' long for one of his teeth to pop through. He's been teething since he was 3 months old. Oi! So his bottom left tooth finally popped through and now both of his top front teeth are coming through. 3 teeth all at once! But let me just tell you, it's not fun for Jax or for mama. He's had a fever of 100+ for the last 2 days. He also hasn't been sleeping well. I'm just PRAYING that he sleeps better tonight. We both desperately need it!

On a completely separate topic, I hosted a girls only Superbowl party on Sunday. There were 8 ladies and 6 kiddos here. It was a lot of fun. I decided to make all the food myself. I love to cook and I really wanted to have some homemade, fresh food. I made meatballs, bacon-wrapped chicken bites, pesto cream cheese served with baguette, carrots and ranch, scratch-made brownies and caramel chocolate bars. I also made some pomegranate lemonade punch. Everything turned out really well. There were a few hiccups with the food, but overall I would say it was a success. It was great to hang out with girls, play with our kiddos and watch some great football. I look forward to doing it again next year!

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  1. Hurray for baby teeth....but maybe not for the process. I had my own private Super Bowl party with roasted pine nut humus, crackers and Stewart's Orange and Cream Soda. (love that stuff but never let myself buy it). I seem to be the only one of my lady friends that really likes football. Oh well....me, myself and I had a great time.