Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Man oh man

Jax is growing up so fast. So many new developments in the past week or so. He hasn't totally figured these things out yet, but so far he is attempting to--
learn how to crawl
learn how to pull himself up to standing
learn how to stand without holding onto anything

DANG, right?! About a week or two ago he started trying to figure out how to crawl. He tucks one leg under and then lunges forward. He can't quite figure out how to get both legs under or both hands down at the same time. Usually he ends up face-planting. But once he figures out how to get that other leg under, WATCH OUT MOMMY!

The last 2 things on that list are happening in tandem, and JUST started happening. He was standing at his little play table (which he's been able to do for awhile now) and then he let go with one hand. Cool! Then he let go with the other hand. Freaked. Me. Out. I mean, I didn't see that one coming. But before you start thinking he's so advanced, let me just tell you that he grabbed right back on about 1 second later. Ha! But I couldn't believe he even tried to let go with both hands. He's also figured out how to bend as he's falling so that he lands on his butt and not on his back/head. So he fell onto his butt, then grabbed the table and tried to pull himself back up! Again with the legs being in the way. He had one bent and one straight, so that silly straight leg was in the way of him being successful. But he tried a few more times... until he gave up and just started playing with the table from a sitting down position.

I'm so excited to see this progress. I've been nervous about him being behind all the other kids his age (or younger). They all seem to be crawling and moving around and they have teeth and, and, and... it's just nice to see him doing things that match his age. He's so little to begin with, plus he doesn't seem to be grasping things as quickly so people are generally surprised to learn that he is 8 months old (tomorrow!!!) But I love this little man and I know God has perfect timing for everything in his life. Go baby go!!!

PS- Ryan took the camera with him so I've just been taking some phone pictures... head over to Facebook to check them out!

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