Friday, July 3, 2009

One month

Jax is one month old today! Boy, has time gone by fast. I really understand why people say to enjoy this time because he'll be grown before we know it. We are trying to take it all in and we are loving it. We are so blessed that Jax is a good baby. He's hardly ever fussy. He likes to sit wide-eyed and just look around. He sleeps for hours on end. He only wakes up once, maybe twice, at night. He is just an all around good baby. 

Here's the latest on his accomplishments... During this past week or so he has started to make other noises besides crying. He will sit and oooh and ahhh and gurgle. It's rather cute! He has also started doing little half-smiles that I just know are going to turn into full fledged smiles very soon. I can't wait for that! He has discovered his hands and he loves to suck on them. He also started being able to focus on our faces and our eyes. He also follows us with his eyes when we move from side to side. He also loves watching ceiling fans. So cute. It's really great to watch him grow minute by minute. God is amazing in his plan for human development and life. 

Jax was being fussy at Taco Bell. This is the only way he would calm down. So cute!

Jax and Grandpa enjoying some snuggle time

Again, this is Jax's FAVORITE position. I LOVE IT!!!

Bath time

Hot house=no shirts

Another small update. We finally got our brand new AC unit installed on Wednesday. It works about ten million times better than our last one! Our house has been resting at a lovely 89 degrees. When we got the new unit, we went to dinner and came back and the house was already down to 77. It's fantastic. Plus the air is so much cleaner. Thank you for your prayers over this situation. It's finally resolved!

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