Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life With Two

Things are running pretty smoothly around these parts. So far the transition has been relatively easy and I feel so blessed. Jax is such a great kid and is always helping me out. Lexi is an easy baby and mostly just sleeps or hangs out looking around at things.

The biggest issue we are having is with nursing. Lexi has a terrible latch and is also super lazy. So it takes a lot to get her to latch on, then I have to manually adjust her lips to a better position, then it takes everything I have to keep her focused on actively eating. I have to switch her back and forth multiple times while feeding her, which is no fun since she doesn't latch well in the first place. It's been a huge challenge and we've been seeing a lactation specialist, which seems to be helping so far.

We had her two week check up and she lost weight, which isn't good, so I'm just focusing on getting her to nurse better. It's pretty much all I do these days. I feel bad because I'm constantly telling Jax that I can't come with him to see something or that he needs to wait for something until I'm not nursing Lexi. I'm nervous that he's going to resent her for taking so much of my time! I try to be extra conscious of giving him as much loving as I can when I'm not occupied with Lexi.

My MIL, SIL and two nephews are coming up to visit us tomorrow and I'm so excited! I can't believe we have 4 kids between us! I know my MIL I going to be in grandbaby heaven! It should be a fun time.

And of course I couldn't leave you without some pictures from the last 2 weeks. So here ya go :)


  1. Omg she looks so comfortable in that last pic.
    I wanna sleep like that!
    Best of luck on nursing!

  2. she is so stinkin' cute. And I'm so nervous about nursing with a toddler some day.

  3. I know what you mean about feeling bad about nursing Lexi while Jax wants momma too. 4 months in...it gets better. I dealt with a ton of guilt with not being with Ryan all the time in the beginning, and the biggest issue is that Ally fights sleep, so it takes a lot of rocking at times to get her to sleep. It is amazing how Ryan has adjusted. He now knows that he needs to play quietly (even if its in the room), and as soon as I'm done, It is also good (although hard for momma) for them to learn that mom can't be there all the time and that you need to care for Lexi too. After Ally is asleep, I make sure I give him a lot of praise for helping mommy put Ally to sleep and spend time with him. I also found that if I ask Ryan to read to me and Ally while nursing, that gives him something to do. You'll get there...sorry about not nursing well, but good for you for keep trying! Love reading about your sweet family!

  4. Oh, I remember these days....cherish them as much as you can, but I know it can be hard, I remember;) She is just the most precious little one. Looking forward to reading more!


  5. Oh, I love all the pictures! So precious. :-)