Monday, November 8, 2010

Some Good, Some Bad

Which do you want first? Good or bad? I always start with bad so that I can end with something good!

Here's my "bad" list: a.k.a - things that are annoying me right now

-Having 8 million pregnant friends (maybe a slight exaggeration)
-Having daily reminders of these pregnant friends on Facebook
-Living in someone else's house
-Jax waking up in the middle of the night
-Always being paged to the nursery at church because Jax is wailing
-Using a borrowed, and much smaller than my own, car
-Losing 15 pounds but still having a flabby baby belly
-Being bored. A lot.

Ok, now let's be a little more optimistic! Happy things...

-Jax saying lots of words, most of them new (Mama, dada, boppa, nana, grama, bye-bye, ball, uh-oh, please, milk, towel, Jax, Mojo, binky, juice, snack, hot, cheese, NO, football, baseball)
-Jax knowing his body parts
-Jax knowing his animal sounds
-Thanksgiving in 2.5 weeks
-Christmas in 6.5 weeks
-Tuesday morning Bible study
-Spin class
-Losing 15 pounds (that's 5 pounds less than pre-baby weight!!)
-Buying new clothes in smaller sizes

I truly am very blessed and have a lot to be thankful for. What are your current bad and good lists?

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