Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

We are heading to church this morning, then having a few friends over for a last minute BBQ we are throwing together. It's gonna be pretty low-key but we'll have good friends and quite a few kiddos here so it should be fun. I hope ya'll have awesome plans for today as well!

I wanted to quickly forward a prayer request... ADRIENNE has had 7 miscarriages (all ending between 10-12 weeks). They adopted a little boy from Russia 3 years ago, then within this past year they ended up adopting 2 more children. She also became pregnant again during this time. She finally got past 12 weeks with her eighth pregnancy and was 27 weeks pregnant, but had to deliver her baby boy last night. His cord wasn't working properly anymore and doctors decided it was safer for him not to be in her belly anymore. He's obviously very tiny so they could really use prayer. I know ya'll will be prayer warriors for this brave mommy and her little boy!

Have a good day! I'll try to take some pictures this afternoon and post them later. I know ya'll are missing pictures of my handsome little man ;)

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