Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some serious updating

I know I keep saying this, but I'm sorry for being so MIA recently. It's been far too long. We were in NYC, then we got home and I've been busting my booty with homework, then we made a "no computers after Jax is in bed" rule. So needless to say, I've been a little absent. So here goes...

New York was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! Our drive up there took a little longer than expected (14 hrs instead of 11 hrs), but Jax did fairly well and it went by surprisingly quick. We got there at 7pm, checked into the hotel, ordered pizza and called it and early night.
The next 3 days were spent doing all the tourist stuff,
and eating tons of delicious food.
We went on a double-decker bus tour around the lower half of Manhattan,
we visited the Empire State Building,
the Statue of Liberty,

Central Park,
Little Italy & China Town,
Times Square,

Ground Zero,
and numerous other smaller things around the city.

Having been there before, I knew my way around town pretty well which was great. It knew how to work the subway system, I knew how the city was set up, I knew where main streets were. It was awesome being there with Ryan since he'd never been there before. It was so fun to see what his impression of it were. He get frustrated easily with crowds, but he actually really loved it. And on top of that, Jax did GREAT! I had a Moby wrap that I borrowed from a girlfriend and it was a huge lifesaver. Jax was in it all day, everyday and he was perfectly content. He's at a great age to do a trip like that because he's old enough to be interested in things, but he's not old enough to want to be walking around and getting bored easily. Overall, it was a great trip and we made some great memories. And praise the Lord that the drive home only took 11 hours!

The 10 days since we've been home have been full of getting back into the swing of things. Ryan's unit is doing pre-mission training for the next few months, I'm working on finishing my last few classes for college and Jax is in the middle of getting 2 new teeth (on top, next to each of his middle teeth). I'm also taking him back to the nutritionist today, so we'll see if he's gained weight and how he's doing with getting his calories. I will be starting him on cow's milk soon... his first birthday is in 6 weeks. NUTS!!! But I'm nervous about the milk thing because he isn't great at drinking out of a sippy cup. Since it's important that he's getting all his calories, I'm just a little nervous about it. I'm not going to stop nursing completely right at 1 year. I'm just planning on cutting out feedings one at a time. So any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm also taking him to the doctor later today because I'm not sure his ear infection ever went away. He's been super fussy the last few days and it might just be teething, but it seems like it's more than that. I really hope that we can figure out what's going on.

Well there you have it... the current happenings from our house. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I promise I will get better at keeping things around here updated! :)

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