Friday, December 18, 2009

And all through the house...

Not a creature was stirring, not even our mouse. And by mouse, I mean our chihuahua. Close enough. Our Christmas countdown is almost done! It started at 43 days... don't ask me why, that's just when I decided to do it. And tomorrow I get to cross off number TWO!! Yep, 2 more days and we will be on the beautiful West (aka BEST) coast.

Tomorrow and Sunday are going to be busy days for the Hansen household. We have a birthday party to go to at noon tomorrow or else I would just stay home all day. We are getting the bottom portion of this nasty winter storm that is hitting the Eastern seaboard. It is also the weekend before Christmas which means last minute shoppers abound. Hopefully it won't be too dreadful while we are out and about. Once we get home, the cleaning and preparing and packing begins.

This trip is a big undertaking for us for a few different reasons. 1-- we are taking a 6.5 month old, 2-- we are taking a 5lb dog, 3-- we are going to be gone for 2 weeks, 4-- it's the holidays which means extra stress no matter how much you prepare. All of this means that there is a lot to be done before we leave. I am so, SO thankful that Ryan is in the military and therefore we don't have to pay for baggage AND there is no weight limit. Thank you airlines for supporting our troops! That's one less stress, because any of you with a baby know that there are a kabillion things to pack. And when you have to worry about a limit on the number of bags, or the weight of said bags, it can be a bit stressful.

So... here we are. 2 days left. Lots of stuff to get done. But honestly, I'm just so excited (and thankful that I'm actually flying with Ryan this time) that I'm not feeling too stressed. My biggest worry is the actual flying part of our trip. I hate flying. I've flown a lot, but I still hate it. And on top of that, flying with a baby and a dog is not easy. We're gonna be those people on the plane who everyone hates. Oh well. It is what it is. We'll never see those people again and life goes on. But in the mean time I would really, REALLY appreciate any prayers ya'll want to send our way. Please pray that mine and Jax's colds are completely cleared by Monday. Pray that Jax and Mojo do well on the flights. Pray for clear weather and safe/on time flights for us. Pray that these 2 weeks are all blessings and no stress!

Thanks for being my prayer warriors. I love ya'll! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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