Thursday, February 5, 2009

So today was interesting...

It started yesterday when I noticed that I hadn't felt Jax moving as much as he normally does. I have been trying really hard not to be paranoid, so I tried to let it go. I had gone to the gym in the morning, so I thought that maybe he was just worn out from that. On top of that, I usually feel him more in the evenings than I do in the mornings, so I figured I would just wait until last night to make a better judgement of the situation. 

By the time we were getting ready to go to bed, I still felt like I hadn't felt him move much. Maybe one or two TINY movements, but normally I feel him kicking and squirming a lot. Again, I was trying not to be paranoid so I casually mentioned it to Ryan but he just blamed my gym/Starbucks morning. Which I was quick to defend because I had gotten DECAF coffee. So we prayed over my tummy and called it a night. I woke up at 2am to pee and decided I was going to lay awake for a little while and see if Jax was moving more. He wasn't. My brain went into overload with worry until I finally drifted off to sleep. Again with the trying not to be paranoid, I didn't want to wake my husband from his slumber (although I think that my getting up to pee had already done that). 

This morning we ate a good breakfast. Still not much movement from Jax. I decided to look online for some advice as to what I should do and whether I should go to the hospital. I spent the next 30 minutes trying everything I could to get him to move. Drink orange juice, then lay down. Poke my tummy and sit still to feel him. Bend over so he's squished and I can feel his movements (that one usually works when I want to feel him moving). No surprise that none of it worked. By this point I was crying and a bit hysterical (thanks prego hormones!). I called Jen and she suggested I go in and make sure he was okay. I knew that if I called the advice nurse she would say the same thing. I quickly got ready, called Ryan (bawling, barely able to talk) and told him I was going to go in. Stupid traffic, traffic, traffic all the way to post because it was almost 9 which is when everyone has to be at work. I finally got to Womack (the hospital where I am delivering) and found the Labor and Delivery Unit. I got checked in, put on a bed, set up with a heart-rate monitor and a contraction monitor. Turns out he's fine. His heartbeat was 135-140. I wasn't having any contractions. Nothing. On top of all of that, he started kicking the contraction monitor, making a complete liar out of me! 

It turned out to be a good thing that I went in though, because I got see the LDU, plus it made me feel a million times better that Jax was okay. The nurse said I did the right thing and she told me that if it ever happens again to come right in. So overall, it was quite an experience but I'm glad to know that I did the right thing. And I'm very glad to know that Jax is okay. Phew!

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  1. hey - I know it seems like we are being paranoid, but you aren't. It is the Holy Spirit prompting you. Sure, if you have done all the things you are supposed to and are still concerned....go to the doc. Trust me, they don't care how many times you come in. They want to have a safe delivery and healthy baby as well. Never learn quickly in parenting that the 8-5 clock no longer exists....good choice to get him (and you checked out). As you move forward in pregnancy, he will start having longer sleep times where you won't feel movement, but if you go more than 6 hours - I would give a check. more lectures...i'm glad everything is ok.